2017 Medical Plans

Aetna is our medical carrier for 2017. Through Aetna, we offer a wide range of tools and programs to help enhance your coverage and improve the health of you and your family. This year, we are offering two plan options through Aetna for you to consider: the SC PPO and the SC HSA.

  • The SC PPO plan features traditional copays and coinsurance costs.
  • The SC HSA plan offers you the option to contribute to a health savings account (HSA) and receive a pre-tax benefit for any funds deposited into the account.

2017 Dental Plans

Studies show that good oral hygiene can contribute to your overall health. That makes it more important than ever to get regular dental checkups. Delta Dental is our dental carrier for 2017. The Delta Dental Plans are designed to encourage good dental health, and we assist you by sharing some of the costs of dental services. This year we offer two options, an Enhanced Plan and a Basic Plan. Both plans offer in-network and out-of-network benefits, but if you visit a dentist in-network, your costs will be lower. Delta Dental ID cards will be issued to Associates who select dental coverage.

2017 Vision Benefits

SC offers vision coverage for eye exams, lenses or contacts, and frames. Our vision carrier, VSP, offers a network of vision care providers representing both private practice as well as many large retail chain vision care providers. An Enhanced Plan is available in addition to the Basic Plan. The Enhanced Plan features larger annual allowances for lenses and frames.

*Note: For all positions, medical, dental and vision benefits go into effect date of hire.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts through Discovery Benefits allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars to cover eligible expenses. The amount you choose to contribute to your account will be deducted from your paycheck over 26 bi-weekly payments in 2017.

Some card purchases and all paper-claims purchases may require additional proof through the www.discoverybenefits.com website or mobile app. Be sure to save receipts showing the date, description of item/service, and provider/service name.

When you first enroll in the health care or limited health care spending account, you will receive a debit card from Discovery Benefits. If you already have a card from 2016, you will continue to use it.

Health Savings Account

If you enroll in the Aetna HSA Plan, you’ll have access to a health savings account administered by Discovery Benefits. The HSA helps save pre-tax dollars for use on health expenses now or in the future. The balance rolls over each year, accruing interest tax-free. SC will contribute $600 for single coverage and $1,200 for family coverage. You can also make an annual contribution up to the 2018 IRS Limits: $3,450 (Individual) or $6,850 (Family).

Health Care Spending Account

A health care spending account (HCSA) covers eligible medical, dental and vision expenses. Associates who enroll in the SC HSA plan are not eligible to enroll in the HCSA. You can set aside from $100 to $2,600 per year for eligible expenses. The entire amount of your election is available on the first of the year.

Limited Health Care Spending Account

Associates enrolling in the SC HSA plan may also enroll in a limited use health care FSA to cover eligible dental and vision expenses only. You can set aside from $100 to $2,600 per year for eligible expenses.

Dependent Care Spending Account

The dependent care spending account (DCSA) reimburses you for expenses that you incur caring for your dependents while you and your spouse are at work. Eligible dependents include both children and incapacitated adult dependents.

Common eligible expenses for DCSA are:

  • Licensed nursery school and day care facilities for your children
  • Child care in or outside your home
  • Day care for an elderly or disabled dependent
  • Summer day camp

For 2017, dependent care annual household contribution limits are $5,000 if you are single or married but filing jointly, and $2,500 if you are married and file a separate tax return


At SC, we’re actively looking for ways to improve our Associates’ quality of life. We are happy to offer a full-spectrum wellness program with Vitality. Vitality is a program that challenges you to choose healthier habits, improve your “Vitality Age™” and understand how that impacts your life. You will be able to earn Vitality Points™ for improving your health, making healthy choices and engaging in programs that Santander Consumer USA offers to you. You can then redeem your points for gift certificates, merchandise and other rewards in the Vitality mall. In addition to the Vitality program, you have access to other wellness tools through Aetna. (Enrollment in Vitality may reduce healthcare premiums for the following year.)

Whether your plans are to eat better, be more active, get fit, relieve stress or lose weight, Vitality can help you reach these goals and also maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Watch the video below to learn about all Vitality has to offer.

Along with Vitality, SCUSA also offers monthly onsite B-12 shots and seasonal flu shots. Additional events include meet and greets with vendors and an annual health fair.