Job Family: Risk

Monitors activities to minimize the company’s exposure to risk. Activities may include quantitative analysis, risk identification and remediation. Represents or supports the reputation of the company to minimize compliance and regulatory risk by resolving issues and ensuring adherence to company and legal standards. Responsible for ensuring that all of the company’s activities adhere to the necessary rules and regulations, and that the company complies with legal/regulatory statutes and jurisdictions.

Job Function: Risk Management

Ensures adherence to the policies and procedures established by the company. Manages policy, standard definition and monitoring of policy, standard implementation, ensuring harmonization and consistency of risk policies. Monitors and manages risk/exposure and compliance with the company’s policies. Identifies, manages and reports on the company’s risk areas. Evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of data, document retention, and monitors systems.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Analyst, Credit Risk administers defined procedures and report preparation for the department, ensures conformance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies, analyzes less complex credit risk management data, and makes recommendations based on findings.

Essential Functions:

  • Reviews and analyzes less complex credit risk data, and makes recommendations in compliance with the company’s policies and regulatory guidelines.
  • Administers defined credit risk management procedures, guidelines, and report preparation for the Credit Risk Management department.
  • Collaborates cross-functionally across business lines (Processors, Underwriters, Appraisal/Evaluation Professionals) to gather, confirm, and clarify risk information and data.
  • Gathers and reviews credit risk data for accuracy; provides commentary regarding significant risk exceptions such as exposure, trading activity, and concentration issues.
  • Responds to and provides ad-hoc requests from functional areas and/or senior analysts as requested .
  • Adheres to company policy and procedures for credit risk escalations.
  • Analyzes business processes, procedures, and information requirements to adjust working methods and improve process efficiency.
  • Ensures credit risk data analysis is documented and that all records are accurately maintained.
  • Complies with all applicable corporate policies, guidelines, and practices.
  • Assists senior analysts on projects.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Other Functions:

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education –
    • Bachelor’s Degree: Accounting, Business, Statistics, Information Systems, Finance, Economics or equivalent field.
    • or equivalent work experience
  • Experience –
    • 0-3 years Risk Management, Credit Risk, Internal Audit or related experience.
    • Financial Service industry experience.
  • Skills & Abilities –
    • Demonstrated knowledge of basic credit risk principles, concepts and policies.
    • Proficient MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio, and Outlook) skills.
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Strong analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Ability to summarize, document, and communicate information in a clear and concise manner.
    • Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks to meet deadlines.
    • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively within a team environment.
    • Ability to interpret, analyze and apply data/information.
    • Ability to stay abreast of industry best practices, procedures, and techniques.
    • Ability to build and foster internal relationships.
    • Ability to adhere to policies, procedures, and instructions of management.
    • Ability to change direction as project demand dictates.


  • Collaboration – Relationship Management:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Builds effective working relationships with peers

  • Collaboration – Teamwork:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Works effectively in team settings
      • Shows appreciation for others’ help and lends a hand when needed to complete shared tasks

  • Execution – Accountability:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Maintains professional behavior at all times in representing the company
      • Does all routine work accurately and on-time; is aware of own impact on others

  • Influence – Information Sharing:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Openly and proactively shares information

  • Influence – Two-way communication:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Communicates clearly and precisely
      • Listens carefully and asks questions to clarify understanding

  • Risk Business Acumen – Industry Acumen:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Knows who the organization’s key customers and competitors are
      • Has basic understanding of financial services industry and how organizations operate

  • Risk Management – Knowledge of Risk Management Policies, Regulations, Processes and Procedures:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Learns about and diligently follows established risk management policies, processes and procedures

  • Risk Management – Risk and Compliance Adherence:
    • Foundational – Learning and Developing
      • Understands the central role the risk management function plays in the organization environment
      • Learns to identify and flag items non-compliant with regulations

Working Conditions:

  • Frequently: Minimal physical effort such as sitting, standing, and walking.
  • Occasional moving and lifting of equipment and furniture is required to support onsite and offsite meeting setup and teardown.
  • Physically capable of lifting up to fifty pounds, able to bend, kneel, climb ladders.

Employer’s Rights:

  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job.  You may be asked by your supervisors or managers to perform other duties.  You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.
  • The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.  This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.