Job Family: Project Management

Oversees, develops and analyzes policies and practices related to project management and the project management office. Develops, analyzes and oversees project quality assurance and resource allocation. Enhances program and project management capabilities and operational oversight. Develops, edits and executes project plans to manage the lifecycle and operational aspects of projects. Defines, develops and deploys standardized project management tools and templates to ensure projects are completed efficiently.

Job Function: Project Management

Develops, edits and implements project plans to manage the lifecycle and operational aspects of projects (i.e., resources, scope, schedule, cost, assumptions and dependencies). Manages work streams, prepares status reports and interfaces with stakeholders to ensure strategy and execution are aligned with defined objectives. Coordinates and communicates the activities of project personnel with relevant stakeholders to ensure progress within time and budget constraints.

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Associate Director, Program Management Director is responsible for the planning, organizing and implementation of large complex strategic programs. These programs are typically highly visible initiatives with significant impact on business or product viability and ranging across multiple disciplines, businesses, and/or organizations.

S/he is responsible for advancing the organizational strategic and business objectives through the alignment and integration of all programs and projects under their purview, and the coordinated management of all Program and Project Managers who may be responsible to the Associate Director, Program Management for the execution of their project and its impact on the program) to monitor cost, schedule, and technical performance of component projects and operations, while working to ensure the ultimate success of the program(s).

The incumbent will manage stakeholder and executive level sponsor expectations, as well as the requirements of external governing and oversight bodies. Responsible for defining program resource requirements and serves as the key program day-to-day operational interface between all Program stakeholders. The incumbent will be responsible for reporting on the health and overall program efforts with sound metrics and analytics. S/he facilitates Steering Committee and/or Executive Committee level program team status meetings and all other communications.

Essential Functions:

  • Facilitates the solicitation of feedback and continuously improve how team works.
  • Creates governance structure where decision-making is weighted toward empowered teams.
  • Provides thought leadership and expertise in the role of digital technologies as a communications amplifies.
  • Drives delivery and continuous improvement by utilizing feedback and metrics (quality, delivery rate, etc.) to identify areas of opportunity
    leverage industry proven frameworks and drive the appropriate methodology to focus on predictable, quality delivery and driving continuous
    improvement of the organization.
  • Accountable for completion of all project deliverables within Program and ensures completion and communication of Risk mitigation plans, critical path and dependencies, Project Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Oversees and contributes to the development of project definition and scope at the project level.
  • Monitors key milestones and outcomes of projects in the program(s) throughout the project lifecycle to ensure adherence to established quality standards.
  • Conducts program team meetings with project managers to ensure appropriate communication and alignment.
  • Develops program level presentations, dashboards, reports and other team and executive level project communications and documentation.
  • Consistently aligns projects with corporate strategy and leverages efficiencies, sharing and allocating resources across one or more programs.
  • Ensures adherence to Santander project management framework and standards through the consistent application of recognized project and program management processes.
  • Ensures completion and communication of risk mitigation plans, critical path and dependencies, project recovery and business continuity plans, etc.
  • Directs, manages, implements and executes on business solutions, overseeing and optimizing projects, project teams and project performance.
  • Ensures discipline and controls are consistently applied to projects.
  • Documents and communicates program changes, health and status to project teams, business owners an executive sponsors.
  • Ensures reports are completed accurately and timely and are in line with appropriate governance.
  • Acts as a subject matter expert (SME) while providing leadership, guidance, and mentorship to other project managers.

Other Functions:

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education –
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • or equivalent work experience
  • Experience –
    • 12-15 years Formal project management experience in a financial services environment.
    • Estimating and budgeting to ensure project costs are maintained.
    • Experience with SW Project Management tool.
    • Managing multi-year projects with cross-enterprise interdependencies.
    • Enabling individuals to work effectively as they plan, implement, and experience change.
    • Building project planning document.s
    • Engaging the support and resources of others to achieve project goals and objectives; influencing without authority.
    • Developing and coaching others indirectly or directly- Coaches, reviews and delegating work to lower level professionals.
  • Skills & Abilities –
    • Extensive knowledge of project management and advanced leadership skills.
    • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to build strong trusted relationships and foster collaboration and teamwork in a variety of settings.
    • Advanced knowledge of project and portfolio management tools (i.e. Clarity, Visio, Excel, MS Project, PowerPoint, etc.).
    • Demonstrated effectiveness at using influence persuasion and negotiation to find agreeable exchange and reach positive outcomes.
    • Master of complex facilitation and dependency management techniques (cross team, cross department).
    • Ability to demonstrate and apply sensitivity to enterprise and bank points of view as well as understanding similarities and differences to create a balanced approach.
    • Ability to engage the support and resources of others to achieve project goals and objectives; influencing without authority.
    • Ability to enable individuals to work effectively as they plan, implement, and experience change.
    • Ability to create a strong network of relationships among peers, internal partners, external constituencies and decision makers to deliver end-products.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with senior leadership on matters of strategic importance.
    • Ability to influence business decisions made by leadership.
    • Ability to scope out and develop work plan and resource requirements and estimate costs and risks associated with activities.
    • Ability to develop and coach others indirectly or directly and serve as a role model.
    • Ability to anticipate reactions and positions of others.
    • Ability to provide constructive criticism, feedback and solutions.
    • Ability to manage resources, set scope, time scales, and deliverables, recognizing changing requirements and addressing. program/project impacts
    • Pragmatic problem-solver, forward thinker with independence of thought.


  • Change Orientation – Flexibility:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Anticipates the impact of change and creates an environment where change can be initiated with minimal disruptions and negative impact
      • Helps people to understand how proposed changes will affect them and the organization

  • Change Orientation – Innovation:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Pushes for “a better way” of doing things and encourages others to challenge “old” thinking
      • Translates broad innovative ideas into workable solutions

  • Change Orientation – Support for Change:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Recognizes potential and multiple impacts of change and acts as a coach to help people understand and prepare for change
      • Takes proactive action to maintain relationships that are impacted by change

  • Collaboration – Relationship Management:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Improves relationships between key individuals to achieve seamless cross-team work flow and positively impact results
      • Uses informal networks to gain support for ideas and projects

  • Collaboration – Teamwork:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Brings out the best in each team member by consistently motivating and acknowledging peer contributions
      • Understands and leverages team dynamics

  • Execution – Accountability:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Fully accountable for timeliness, completeness, quality of projects, processes, products and services
      • Remains calm and focused on goals while facing pressures, obstacles or short-term setbacks

  • Execution – Excellence:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Identifies and eliminates redundancy of effort
      • Ensures tools, systems, and processes are in place to allow team members to work quickly and effectively

  • Problem Solving – Problem Identification:
    • Advanced – Leading and Guiding
      • Reformulates the problem in different ways to evaluate it from different angles

Working Conditions:

  • Frequently: Minimal physical effort such as sitting, standing, and walking.
  • Occasional moving and lifting of equipment and furniture is required to support onsite and offsite meeting setup and teardown.
  • Physically capable of lifting up to fifty pounds, able to bend, kneel, climb ladders.

Employer’s Rights:

  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job.  You may be asked by your supervisors or managers to perform other duties.  You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.
  • The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.  This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.