Job Family: Legal & Corporate Affairs

Responsible for addressing and mitigating client issues and concerns. Conducts data reporting and complex analyses to understand customer needs for the design and implementation of high quality and efficient operational service capabilities. Delivers call center and face-to-face customer service to clients at branch locations, aligning interactions with company procedures and policies for service execution.

Job Function: Legal

Provides legal counsel and guidance to the company’s and its various entities’ management and boards of directors on strategies and solutions to potential, anticipated and/or identified legal, regulatory and/or compliance matters and issues of concern. Advises management and various partners to help ensure operations comply with laws and other regulatory provisions and contractual obligations. Represents or oversees the company in transactions, legal proceedings, disputes, initiatives and various other matters. Drafts, reviews, negotiates, advises regarding and/or approves policies, procedures, contracts and related documents for business operations, regulatory compliance, procurement of goods and services, confidentiality of proprietary information, employment, leases of space and equipment and software licenses, and generally to support business operations and promote the company’s objectives and interests

Summary of Responsibilities:

The Legal Counsel is responsible for representing the organization on legal matters as assigned. S/he prepares supporting legal documents, including contracts, and filings and provides counsel to managers on legal matters. The incumbent researches and analyzes law sources and investigates facts and law of case to determine causes of action and to prepare cases accordingly.

Essential Functions:

  • Researches and analyzes law sources such as statutes, recoded judicial decisions, legal articles, treaties, constitutions, and legal codes.
  • Prepares legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, initial and amended articles of incorporation, stock certificates and other securities, buy-sell agreements, closing papers and binders, deeds, and trust instruments for review, approval, and use by attorneys.
  • Appraises and takes inventory of real and personal property for estate planning.
  • Investigates facts and law of cases to determine causes of action and to prepare cases accordingly.
  • Files pleadings with court clerk.
  • Prepares affidavits of documents and maintain document files.

Other Functions:

  • Acts as a subject matter expert (SME) while providing leadership, guidance, and mentorship to other team members.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education –
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • or equivalent work experience
    • Other: Law / J.D. degree, and active license to practice law in at least one US jurisdiction.
  • Experience –
    • 5-9 years Experience practicing law in financial services, bank, or law firm.
  • Skills & Abilities –
    • Strong understanding of state and local laws.
    • Solid understanding of legal documents, contracts and agreements, and drafting experience.
    • Ability to be highly responsive and organized.
    • Ability to provide practical and pragmatic advice.
    • Ability to work under pressure and prioritize and manage workload, simultaneous tasks, and meet deadlines with a changing fast-paced environment.
    • Excellent legal and analytical skills and a business-oriented approach to problem solving.
    • Excellent drafting, negotiation, and client relations skills.


  • Collaboration – Relationship Management:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Knows who to reach out to inside and outside of one’s team to get work done
      • Takes action to enhance working relationships needed to achieve seamless work flow

  • Collaboration – Teamwork:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Creates a good working environment in the team; works towards shared goals contributing ideas and accepting change
      • Provides assistance and coaches less experienced team members

  • Customer Focus – Customer Satisfaction:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Assesses problem situations and initiates effective interventions that result in customer satisfaction
      • Takes time to develop and maintain relationships with customers

  • Customer Focus – Issue Ownership:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Addresses customer’s requests, ensures concerns are recorded accurately and action is initiated appropriately
      • Makes extra effort to satisfy customers needs and meet commitments

  • Execution – Accountability:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Follows through to meet commitments to others
      • Takes responsibility for achieving strong results, despite balancing multiple complex demands

  • Execution – Initiative:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Displays initiative, flexibility and focus to get things done
      • Actively contributes ideas, suggestions, and constructive comments in meetings and discussions

  • Influence – Two-way Communication:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Communicates in a timely and straightforward manner
      • Probes for additional information, clarifies assumptions and confirms agreed-upon actions
      • Keeps everyone involved informed about progress and issues

  • Problem Solving – Problem Identification:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Identifies the component parts of a complex situation or problem and the relationship among variables that are not obvious

  • Problem Solving – Solution Definition:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Sees through complexity and detail to get to the critical issues at hand
      • Takes into account the wider context within which problems exist

  • Risk Business Acumen – Industry Acumen:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Stays current with industry and regulatory trends and emerging risk issues
      • Has good understanding of current market and competitive landscape that the organization operates within

  • Risk Management – Risk and Compliance Adherence:
    • Proficient – Applying and Executing
      • Communicates the importance and benefits of risk management to counterparts
      • Displays natural skepticism and curiosity to question the status quo and uncover issues
      • Adheres to a good root cause analysis process

Working Conditions:

  • Frequently: Minimal physical effort such as sitting, standing, and walking.
  • Occasional moving and lifting of equipment and furniture is required to support onsite and offsite meeting setup and teardown.
  • Physically capable of lifting up to fifty pounds, able to bend, kneel, climb ladders.

Employer’s Rights:

  • This job description does not list all the duties of the job.  You may be asked by your supervisors or managers to perform other duties.  You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.
  • The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.  This job description is not a contract for employment, and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason.