Sales view jobs

SCUSA’s sales department is fast-paced, high energy and highly successful. They drive new business and service already existing business.

Call Center/Servicing view jobs

The SCUSA Servicing department is involved with every aspect of taking care of our customers. They are the frontline of contact with the customers who have questions about their contract with SCUSA.


SCUSA is supported throughout the company by a variety of different roles.

Information Technology view jobs

Our IT department is essential to helping us run smooth processes. From systems analysts to mainframe, the associates in our IT department are essential to SCUSA’s daily operations.

Marketing view jobs

The SCUSA marketing and communications department supports the company via a variety of collateral and campaigns all while ensuring brand guidelines are being met.

Legal and compliance view jobs

SCUSA has a highly trained legal and compliance department that ensures marketing materials, products, business dealings and other business dealings fulfill all necessary government laws and regulations. They also perform regular compliance audits.

Accounting and finance view jobs

SCUSA’s financial professionals are responsible for monetary transactions of our business and manage accounts related to our finances.

Human Resources view jobs

Our HR department is responsible for finding top talent to become new associates and assisting current associates with company-related items including benefits and career advancement.