Santander Consumer USA is a growing company and our relationship with Chrysler Group is a prime example. Chrysler Capital launched in May 2013 to serve as a primary lending arm for Chrysler Group vehicles. We continue to look for new opportunities to evolve our business and have seen progress in new initiatives in both the secured and unsecured areas.

As a consumer finance company, a large portion of SC’s business involves providing funding for vehicles. One of the main outlets for this is found online, Following the “life of a loan” through is a great way to illustrate how certain departments and associates within Santander Consumer USA work with the entire process.

When people visit the website, they are already seeing the work of several departments.

The marketing/communications department, for example, has created the images and content that you see on the site.


The web team updates the site and makes sure the pages are as useful and user friendly as possible for visitors.

Before any content goes live on the site or is sent to customers via email or regular mail, SC’s compliance and legal departments review the materials to ensure they meet government rules and regulations.

When a customer fills out an application online, the application first goes to the credit department where the application is processed and assigned a tier. The tier determines a decision (approved, condition or declined). The tier also determines the rate, discount and the stips/verifications.

The loan then goes to the funding department for all stipulations to be verified.


Once the stipulations have been verified, the contract is then purchased and from here, the customer service department is available to answer any customer questions.

If there are questions about billing and payment, the servicing/billing department is there to answer these.

The accounting department handles the payment transactions throughout the life of the contract.

Once the loan is completely paid off, the customer will hear from the title department to have the title sent.

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