Santander Consumer USA (SCUSA) has seven Core Values that establish the standard of behavior for every associate at every level within the company. These values impact every facet of the organization and provide the foundation for high performance. Our values act as our ethical compass and are the driving force behind our mission.

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. We strive to create a collaborative environment where we value each other’s efforts and contributions.

“Technology is great, but at the end of the day when our customers call in, they want to talk to a real live person. Our people are the driving force behind what we do. It’s also so important to have so many different people of different cultures and ages teaming up, covering all bases and working toward one single solution.”
— Michelle Whatley – Chief Human Resources Officer


We treat each other with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust.

“The respect that’s shown between associates trying to solve problems is critical. If you don’t have the strong foundation of respect, it’s hard for companies to achieve true success.”
— Rich Morrin – EVP, New Business

Fiscal Responsibility

We are efficient, accountable and honest as we support a conservative use of resources.

“When we need resources, they’re there because we’ve prepared ourselves and have been fiscally responsible. We want to spend money in areas that make sense because doing that results in a bigger, stronger company.”
— Jason Kulas – President and Chief Financial Officer


We are in business to serve our associates, our customers and our community.

“If we don’t provide good service to our customer base, we’re never going to retain customers. If you’re providing good service to internal customers and external customers, you’re going to be successful here.”
— Brad Martin – Executive VP of Servicing


We are a fast-paced, results-driven company, constantly striving to reach new goals and objectives.

“How well we perform as a company is based on how well we perform as a team. Everything we do is tied to performance.”
— Eldridge Burns – Chief Legal Officer


We see ourselves as best in class, continually improving and constantly exceeding standards.

“Corporate values are the foundation of our business. They represent our beliefs, our focus and our highest priority as an organization, ultimately driving our actions as a company. Corporate values provide associates a clear definition of how they can align their day-to-day job to our values, vision and mission and be part of the company’s overall success.”
— Michele Rodgers – Chief Compliance Officer


We are innovators, we think like owners, and we work collaboratively.

“We’re not satisfied. We constantly try to grow the business and try to find those areas of opportunity that may not be in our box today. As we grow, we all get better; we all benefit from it.”
— Jason Grubb – Chief Operating Officer